Creating a marketing strategy to umbrella the ever-changing nature of Anderson’s outsourcing business


The Anderson Group, a global outsourcing and payroll business, needed help to create a brand that could encapsulate and evolve with their growing business model.

Brandwork was brought on board to help simplify their complicated product offering for contractors and recruitment companies. Working with the senior management team, we carried out workshops and analysis to review how the company positioned themselves, streamline their products and create a service offering that made sense to the end user.

Brand evolution

We then evolved the brand identity, simplifying and modernising the brand elements and bringing everything under the Anderson umbrella. We created new brand guidelines to use across the business.

After updating their assets and re-creating their brochureware and sales material to reflect the new service offering, we developed and implemented their annual marketing and digital plans.

Succinct Messaging

Key to the success of this brand was being able to quickly convey the benefits of their services and simplify the complexity of payroll, outsourcing and accountancy services to a target audience with little time or interest in the subject matter.

We created a series of short films, case studies and testimonials as well as a suite of animations to debunk the myths of outsourcing.


Digital Expertise

With such a varied customer base, ensuring that the website was UX-focused was vital. A clearly mapped out journey for visitors dependent on their needs was a priority, as was creating a professional feel that conveyed Anderson’s experience and expertise. With locations across the world, it was important to give that global feel whilst ensuring UK clients that Anderson knew their local market inside out.

Making mobile matter

As the primary channel for contractors, the mobile interface design and functionality was given priority. We created a clean and easy-to-use mobile site that allowed people to update their accounts, timesheets and gain insight into the ‘legal stuff’ at the touch of a button or with a single swipe.

Office Artwork

With a fast-growing workforce spread over numerous continents, Anderson required a series of internal branding visuals. Using skylines and bold typography, we created office artwork to create a working environment where everyone felt they were part of  Anderson team.

Our aim was to bring the Anderson brand to life with engaging content and embrace new technology. The results of our work took the form of new branding, brochureware, internal art and event materials, numerous UX driven websites with film and animation to engage with both external audiences and internal teams from around the globe.”

Simon Baghomian, Director

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