Anthony Collins Solicitors produce a yearly social impact report as a way to quantify their claim of being a social purpose law firm. They want to be able to showcase the work they do, and the clients they support, to achieve their purpose of improving lives, communities and society. We were invited to help them move away from having a lengthy printed report, and create a more digital publication instead.

Researching with a fresh approach

To showcase more of the real people and communities that Anthony Collins has helped, we supported the firm in pulling together the design of the print and digital assets, photography and imaging, and printing to ensure that everything was ready for launch. This included an initial sitemap and wireframe exercise to fully scope out the work ahead.

Presenting the numbers

Anthony Collins’ social impact is vast and impressive. However, they did not want to be perceived as an imperious organisation, but more of an entity that appeals to everyone – from private clients to corporates and local authorities, to a company that can help bring charitable ideas to life through incorporation, to monies recovered from catastrophic events. Presenting that information in a friendly manner that was also professional was key.

“Anthony Collins is an exciting client to work with. Their vision to bring to life their social impact report and their willingness to collaborate gave us the freedom to work with their clients and their staff to deliver a high-quality product. Being able to remove any preconceived ideas as to what the report should be and trust our process was pivotal in being able to deliver a solution that delivered on their brief and excited the internal stakeholders and external users.”

Simon Baghomian
Managing Director, Brandwork Studio Ltd