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Bush, the largest provider of case management and expert witness for catastrophic injury for the legal sector in the UK, commissioned our services to create a new and engaging brand for the company.

Their current brand was tired and confusing, and it needed a complete facelift to bring it in line with the ambitions and values of a new senior management team. They also required an entirely new suite of assets to marketing themselves with and an engaging and optimised website

Brand Audit

We carried out a full brand audit analysing their present positioning, competitors and marketplace. We interviewed and surveyed key stakeholders, including internal staff, case managers and expert witnesses and solicitors and insurers. After creating a new set of brand values and positioning statement we produced several creative concepts, working with the client to bring their favourite to life

Brand in Action

We created new and engaging marketing assets, including targeted info packs, stationery, report covers, presentations and an exhibition stand. The visual and messaging concentrated on conveying the expertise and integrity of the company while also showing a more human side – we used the symbol of the face and eye to portray this idea of focus, kindness and wisdom.

Behavioural research & website 

As part of our analysis, we undertook interviews with solicitors and insurers asking how and why they used Bush services, what were the pains and gains of their relationship and what motivated them to use Bush over other companies.

Some key reoccurring themes appeared in the way customers wanted to interact with Bush and the key drivers for using their service:

  • Case Managers were king – relationships were built by the quality and personality of their consultants first and foremost.
  • Simplicity in finding a consultant was key – solicitors searched overwhelmingly by geography first
  • Solicitors were cautious by nature and needed a push to try someone new

These revelations changed the focus and functionality of the website. We built a consultant finder based on a visual map, filtering by specialism, geography and experience. Solicitors are now able to shortlist, download CV’s and record their searches.

We also reviewed the consultant’s CV, bringing to life their experience and expertise. At the same time, eye witness expert profiles emphasised past successes and efficiencies.


The website has received positive feedback, and there has been a 20% increase in searching for consultants online.

The new brand has set Bush apart from the competitors, establishing them as a leader in their field.

Feedback from their case managers has been overwhelmingly positive, helping to reduce turnover and keep quality staff.

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